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Custom T-Shirt Orders

For all custom orders, please email Be sure to include:

1. The design you would like on your shirt.

2. Color and size of your shirt

3. A short description of what you would like on your shirt. (for example: white letters centered on a black shirt)

For images (photos or portraits) to be placed on a shirt, they MUST be a vector!! Most logos are created with Adobe Illustrator (.ai file) and are required to be submitted to allow you 


We are not responsible for blurry or dark images. ​However your images are sent, that is how they will be printed.

Please reach out to me if you have any questions about custom ordering.


*Shirt and initial design are included in price

Order 1-11 shirts: $20 each (includes one design on either the front or back)


Order 12-24 shirts: $17 each (includes one design on either the front or back)

*Shipping will increase when 1 to 24 shirts are ordered

Order 25 or more shirts (in one order, not multiple orders): $15 per shirt and shipping is free



Shirt sizes 3XL-6XL are an extra $3

If an extra design is wanted for the back or front: $5


Sleeves: $2 each (add on)

*Prices are subject to change based on materials used. For example, different types of vinyl and special silk screened inks.

**Be sure to use the code CUSTOM12 when ordering 12-24 shirts and CUSTOM25 when ordering 25 or more shirts.**

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